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Trinity awarded RCMS Certification

Trinity has achieved a new milestone in its history. We have passed the Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) Certification audit and have received our certificate of verification for achieving conformance with the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care Management System (RCMS).

Trinity started the certification journey when we joined the American Chemistry Council (ACC) in November 2012. The certification means that we have implemented an RCMS that has been reviewed an ACC accredited external auditor. The management system includes aspects of leadership, planning, implementing, checking, and reviewing our management processes and systems related to EHS&S in a systematic way with the goal of continuous improvement.

We named a Responsible Care Coordinator, established a Steer Team to oversee the development and implementation of the RCMS, and involved all department functions in in the development of EHS&S policies, procedures, and practices. We instituted or fine-tuned the qualification process for our suppliers, transporters, customers, and contractors. We enhanced our EHS&S communications with our stakeholders. A key component to our success is the excellent operation of the plant and its process safety management system.
There were two auditors at Trinity for 3 days. They looked for conformance with the technical specification that prescribes the RCMS by reviewing documentation, interviewing all levels of employees, and observing the plant site conditions.

The auditors listed our strengths as follows including the comments in parentheses:

  • Confined Space Entry Program “beyond regulation requirements”
  • Housekeeping “top tier”
  • LOTO Program “beyond regulation requirements”
  • New Employee Hazard Communication Training “the most training on the topic ever seen at any site for a new hire”
  • Project Life Cycle process “beyond what you would ever see for a company our size”
  • PSM Manual “ many companies bigger than our size don’t have a manual”
  • Responsible Care Manual “better than most they have seen”
  • Security Program “beyond required”
  • Waste Minimization Programs “excellent efforts at recycling and recovery”
  • Compliance Matrix (used to assure Trinity meets compliance due dates) The RCMS will be maintained and continuously improved upon, so while we have come a long way, we are also just at the beginning of this way of managing our EHS&S systems. Every 3 years, we will be audited again by an ACC accredited external auditor.
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